The SOS-WATER project comprises a series of interconnected Work Packages (WPs) designed to address the multifaceted challenges of sustainable water management. Each WP contributes to the overarching goal of developing and implementing innovative solutions to ensure a safe operating space for water systems under changing climatic and socio-economic conditions.

Each WP plays a critical role in achieving the project’s goals, and detailed information can be accessed via the respective WP links.

Overview of case studies and non-exhaustive list of urgent water challenges and key sectors impacted.

  • WP1: Co-developed Water Values and Scenarios
    focuses on establishing real-world applications and understanding stakeholder requirements, setting the stage for practical and impactful research.
  • WP2: Integrated Water Modelling System
    involves developing advanced tools and models for water resource management, integrating data from various sources to create a comprehensive management framework.
  • WP3: Earth System Monitoring
    aims to explore future scenarios impacting water systems, providing essential context for planning and decision-making.
  • WP4: Indicators and Thresholds
    systematically assesses and develops a comprehensive range of water indicators to evaluate environmental, economic, and social dimensions of water systems.
  • WP5: Design and assessment of SOS
    develops and applies the SOS concept, assessing water system performance across scenarios and identifying robust policies to mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • WP6: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication
    ensures the project’s findings and innovations are effectively communicated to stakeholders, supporting widespread adoption and impact.
  • WP7: Project Management and Coordination
    provides the administrative, financial, and strategic coordination necessary for the successful execution of the project, fostering collaboration and ensuring adherence to objectives.

Overview of case studies and non-exhaustive list of urgent water challenges and key sectors impacted.

The overarching objective of SOS-Water is to assess and understand the Safe Operating Space (SOS) of the entire water resources system based on integrated modelling, monitoring, advanced indicator development, and an inclusive stakeholders’ engagement based on true collaboration, including co-development of scenarios and management pathways.

SOS-Water addresses its overarching objective guided by five specific objectives (SOs) as illustrated on the graphic to the left.